Enjoy the relationship that makes you happy!

I will guide you to improve your communication, build understanding and experience more closeness.

You are in a long-term relationship, but you are not happy.

  • You feel stuck in the relationship and are dissatisfied.
  • You have difficulty talking about sensitive issues without ending up in an emotional roller coaster.
  • You are frustrated with the negative spiral your relationship is in.
  • You are not sure why you are so sensitive to each other.
  • You feel neither emotionally nor physically close to each other..

You want a relationship where you can talk openly to each other, and where you can be understanding and supportive of each other?

  • You wish for understanding and emotional closeness.
  • You want to be able to discuss conflicts without ending up in a big fight.
  • You wish that you could support each other emotionally instead of burdening each other.
  • You wish to learn how to deal with your triggers and how to support each other.

You deserve to be in a relationship that energizes you, where you feel safe and understood, and are a team.

Here's how we work on your relationship happiness

  • We address your couple communication and I help you communicate with each other in a way that you both feel understood and heard.
  • We analyze your sensitive issues and how to deal with them.
  • We analyze the typical cycles you get into as a couple.
  • You will learn how to bring positive emotions in your relationship..
  • You will learn how your past is related to how you react in your relationship.

Hello, I am Theresa. As a psychologist I help you with your relationship challenges! 

Psychologische Onlineberaterin

I know from my own experience how challenging relationships can be. Difficulties in communication, and triggering each other does not make this any easier.

With my couples counseling, I support you with my experience working with couples, as well as my academic training as a psychologist and qualification as a psychological counselor.

As seen in

My way of working

If you want to work with me, it is important for me that you know my attitude and way of working, in summary, who I am as a counsellor. So that you can decide whether my approach suits you!

Mediator in conflicts

It is important to me that you get space to discuss your conflict issues in couple counseling. I help you to understand each other and yourselves better.

Tasks to practice between sessions

It is important that you practice new behaviors between sessions. To support this, I like to give you exercises to try out and discuss together.

Flexibly applied methods

Depending on your concerns, I like to apply different methods. Techniques I use are, for example, focused on communication and dealing with emotions and needs.

Building mutual understanding

Learning to understand each other is central if you want to build closeness to each other. Together we also explore the needs that your emotions are pointing to.

What my clients say...

This has just been such an incredible process and I couldn't be more grateful for the progress that came out of it. The empathy, understanding, and guidance provided in each session genuinely fostered a positive space for my partner and I to listen to and understand each other. I've seen such growth within myself and my partner in how we communicate our feelings and needs. There is now a lot more confidence in our ability to handle each other's grievances which feels just amazing!


What you can expect from my couples counseling

What exactly is my role as a couples counselor and what is my approach? You can learn more about that here.

Creating new conversations

Creating new conversations
It is important to me to give you the skills to discuss old issues in a new way. With understanding, empathy and space for both of you.


Emotions are the focus of my counseling. Because the deep understanding of emotions is central to get more clarity and to start changes.

A space of acceptance and empathy

During counseling, it is important to me that you feel accepted and invited to have new experiences and share your vulnerable feelings.


I work with the concept of attachment theory, because every relationship is also an attachment bond.

Foster understanding

About why you are the way you are. Your behavior patterns usually stem from a time before the current relationship. Understanding is central - for yourselves and for each other.


Couples counseling helps you develop as a couple - but also as individuals. Because much of what you learn about yourselves will also help you personally.


It is important that you feel safe and in good hands during the counseling. I take you by the hand as you deal with various issues and learn.

Celebrating every success

Couples counseling can also be light and encouraging! It is very important to me to highlight and celebrate any progress.

Book your 20 minute free discovery call now!

I am convinced that the counseling can only be good for you if you get to know me beforehand and feel comfortable. Because the therapeutic relationship is a central factor for the success of the counseling! Write me and we will find a timely appointment.

Procedure of counseling


Initial phase

The first conversations are to better understand you and your situation. I will ask you questions about your relationship, how you met, etc. At the end of this phase, you determine what your goals are for couples counseling.


Our collaboration

In the next phase, the main part of the counseling work begins. Depending on your concerns, we will work with different techniques to get closer to your goals. We will analyze the typical relationship pattern, and work on your communication. Once you have achieved your counseling goals, we will move on to the next phase.



Finally, we will look back on your journey together and note what you have achieved and learned. You will also take away a toolbox of methods for dealing with challenges in the future.

Your advantages of a psychological online counseling with me

Location independence

You can contact me from anywhere! You only need a good internet connection.

Time flexibility

My counseling is flexible in terms of time. Consultations are also possible in the evenings or on weekends.

No waiting periods

Contact me and we will find an appointment for you as soon as possible!

Comfortable atmosphere

The familiar environment of your home helps you feel safe and secure.

Variety of methods

I have an array of methods at my disposal to suit your bespoke needs!


Over the last four years I have gained valuable experience in counseling various clients.

My offer for couples counseling online

couples counseling online


An online couples counseling session lasts 60 minutes and takes place via video software.