Blog Articles & Newspapers

Mainpost, 11.03.2022

A newspaper article about my work and my life (in german).

Roadtrip Leben: Blog article

In this blog article, you'll learn about the basic misconceptions you may have when choosing a career (in german).

University of Würzburg- Instagram & Facebook

The University of Würzburg, where I studied, wrote a post about my work (in german).

Online Magazine "Wunderweib", 14.06.2022

A blog article about relationship communication: what communication patterns to avoid, how to communicate better, and what principles to follow for honest, open communication (in german).


An article about how you can prepare, have, and follow-up on difficult couples conversations. I'll give you tips on what mistakes to avoid and what will help you understand each other instead. Article about fear of commitment, 22.06.2022

In this article, find out if you just have a fear of commitment, or if a relationship really isn't right for you. For example, ask yourself if you are ready for a relationship.

Podcast episodes

Digital nomad stories with Anne Claessen

In the podcast episode, learn how to date as a digital nomad and what pitfalls you should avoid. Plus, I tell you about my own story!

Joyful Transformation with Tessa Joy Garrelts

In this podcast episode, I talk to Tessa about the role of your self-worth in relationships and dating, how you can strengthen it alone and with your partner, and why low self-worth can be problematic (in german).