Live in the relationship that makes you happy and fulfilled!

I guide you and your partner to a harmonious, respectful, loving relationship.

I am here for you & your relationship.

Hello, I am Theresa. As a psychologist I help you with relationship difficulties!

I know from my own experience how challenging relationships can be. Feeling dissatisfied in the relationship, not knowing your needs, being hard on yourself and often conforming to the other person does not make this any easier.

With my counseling, I support you with my several years of experience working with clients in various relationship situations, as well as my academic training as a psychologist and qualification as a psychological counselor.

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Your advantages of a psychological online counseling with me

Location independence

You can contact me from anywhere! You only need a good internet connection.

Time flexibility

My counseling is flexible in terms of time. Consultations are also possible in the evenings or on weekends.

No waiting periods

Contact me and we will find an appointment for you as soon as possible!

Comfortable atmosphere

The familiar environment of your home helps you feel safe and secure.

Variety of methods

I have an array of methods at my disposal to suit your bespoke needs!


Over the last four years I have gained valuable experience in counseling various clients.

Book your 20 minute discovery call now for free!

I am convinced that the counseling can only be good for you if you get to know me beforehand and feel comfortable. The therapeutic relationship is a central factor for the success of the consultation! Write me and we will find a timely appointment.

What my clients say  

From the first to the last session, my wishes and needs came first. The framework and process were thus tailored to me personally. Theresa acted as a counselor with a great deal of sensitivity. She helped me to narrow down, understand and work through my problem. Today I feel more empowered and confident. Because I have not only overcome this "mountain", but I am also better equipped for future challenges.

D., 37 years

Theresa is a very structured and professional counselor.  She conducts in-depth problem analysis with those seeking advice. She also gives me helpful, insightful as well as practical suggestions. I can continue to apply these in my daily life even after the counseling period.

X., 32 years

Theresa accompanied me with professionalism and heart in our psychological counseling sessions. I felt in very good hands with her and was able to learn a lot about myself during the time.

L., 39 years