Live in the relationship that makes you happy!

I accompany you to get clarity and communicate your needs and boundaries.

You're in a relationship, with a great partner, but you're not happy.

  • You feel stuck in your relationship and are dissatisfied.
  • You have difficulty identifying what you feel and need.
  • You avoid arguments with your partner or have a hard time expressing what you want.
  • What your partner wants is more important to you than what you want.
  • You are often hard on yourself.

You desire a relationship where there is open communication, you are compassionate to yourself, and your needs are as important as your partner's? You wish for:

  • getting clarity about your relationship and making a decision.
  • sensing your emotions and having a good contact with your needs.
  • advocating your desires, having conflicts and negotiating compromises with your partner.
  • your needs being at least as important as your partner's.
  • Being self-compassionate and a good friend to yourself?

You deserve to be in a relationship where you express your needs, you understand and change your behavior patterns, and set healthy boundaries for yourself.

This is how we work on your happiness: in the relationship and for yourself

  • Together we will explore your feelings and needs.
  • We will analyze your relationship to understand where the dissatisfaction comes from.
  • You will learn how to communicate your needs and desires.
  • You learn how to meet yourself with self-compassion.
  • Together we look at how your past relates to your current relationship difficulties.
  • You will learn how to set and maintain boundaries in your relationship.

My counseling focus in the area of dating & relationships


Do you get into the same patterns over and over again with your partner? Do you find yourself repeating the same arguments? I accompany you through all areas of your relationship and together we reflect on your experiences and work on your behavioural patterns. Whether you are working on relationship doubts, processing a separation, or exploring new relationship models, I am here to guide you.


Many clients' concerns in dating and relationships stem from a low self-worth or very self-critical view of themselves. Therefore, I also like to work with different methods so that you can strengthen your self-compassion and self-confidence.


Do you feel like you keep ending up with the same dating partners over and over again? Do you feel frustrated? I'll help you figure out what's causing it. We'll also look at how you can date in a way that works for you in the future.

My way of working

If you want to work with me, it is important for me that you know my attitude and way of working, in summary, who I am as a counsellor. So that you can decide whether my approach suits you!

You are the expert of your situation!

It's my firm belief that you are the expert of your life and whatever situation you are dealing with. I am happy to accompany you on your way. But you know yourself best and bear the responsibility for your change!

Working with your needs

Especially when working with relationships, it is important that you know your needs. Then it is essential that you learn to communicate them.

Methods from cognitive behavioural therapy and systemic therapy

Depending on your concerns, I´ll apply different methods. For example, I use methods from behavioural therapy. In this process, we take a closer look at your thoughts and behaviour.

Your wishes and goals are the focus!

It is very important to me that you define goals for yourself at the beginning. In the course of time, we will regularly check whether our joint work is helping you to get closer to these goals.

Procedure of counseling


Initial phase

The first conversations are to understand you and your situation better. At the end of this phase you determine what your goals are for the counseling.


Our collaboration

In the next phase, the main part of the counseling work begins. Depending on your concerns, we work with different techniques to get closer to your goals. Once you have achieved your counseling goals, we move on to the next phase.



Finally, we look back on your journey together and record what you have achieved and learned. You'll also take away a toolbox of methods to support yourself for future challenges.

Book your 20 minute free discovery call now!

I am convinced that the counseling can only be good for you if you get to know me beforehand and feel comfortable. Because the therapeutic relationship is a central factor for the success of the counseling! Write me and we will find a timely appointment.

My counseling offer



In video counseling, we meet online for around 50 minutes. This form is most similar to traditional face-to-face counseling with a psychologist.


How many sessions do I need?

It all depends on your concern and your goals! The duration is individually very different. It is important to me that we regularly check together to what extent you have achieved your goals. In addition, we regularly check to what extent the counseling is useful for you.

For whom is the counseling appropriate?

Counseling is suitable for anyone who wants to actively work on their situation and is looking for support and guidance. Concerns can be e.g. relationship problems, motivational difficulties, dejection or low self-esteem.

For whom is the counseling not appropriate?

As a psychological counselor, I do not treat mental illnesses, such as addictive disorders, anxiety disorders, or personality disorders. Please contact a psychotherapist or psychiatrist in your area if you are seeking help for a mental illness. In emergencies, in the event of acute danger to yourself or others, please contact the relevant emergency service or the nearest psychiatric emergency outpatient clinic.

Is the counseling covered by my health insurance?

No, you have to bear the costs of psychological counseling yourself. Psychological counseling is not covered by public or private health insurance in Germany.

What is the difference between psychological counseling and psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is covered by public or private health insurance. A mental illness must be diagnosed in order to begin therapy. The practitioners are psychologists or psychiatrists who undergo training to become psychotherapists. As a result, they learn specific knowledge in therapy procedures to treat mental illness. Patients have low to high levels of distress.

Psychological counseling must be paid for by the patient. Counseling is not suitable for the therapy of mental illness, onlypossible as a bridging period until a place for psychotherapy is found. Different techniques can be used. The clients' suffering pressure is usually lower than that of psychotherapy patients.

How were your qualifications and training as a psychological counselor verified?

There are many counseling and coaching offers on the Internet, and often the qualifications are not verified. My training as a psychologist is verified by the fact that I have a seal of quality from the Professional Association of German Psychologists. This seal verified and confirmed my qualifications and training as a psychologist and psychological counselor. This includes a review of my master's degree as well as my counseling skills through at least half a year of experience as a psychological counselor.