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What you will learn about handling difficult emotions in relationshipsIn this article you will learn more about how

Handling difficult emotions in relationships

Learning empathy in the relationship or: How can I understand my partner better?Imagine your partner can empathize with

Learning empathy in relationships: How can I be more empathic?

Viele Klienten, die zu mir kommen, stellen mir die Frage, ob in einer Beziehungskrise eine Einzeltherapie oder Paartherapie

Couples therapy or individual therapy? What is right for me/us?

In this ultimate guide to more quality time for couples you will learn everything you need to know

The ultimate guide to more quality time as a couple

Boredom in long-term relationships All relationships go through different phases. When getting to know each other and at

Boredom in relationships? Tips from 19 relationship experts

Learning to regulate emotional triggers in a relationship Just a moment ago everything was fine, you were planning

Managing emotional triggers in conflicts with the breakwater method

Bindungstheorie und ihr Einfluss auf deine Beziehung Eine liebevolle, aufmerksame, stabile und glückliche Beziehung zu führen: Das ist

How does my attachment style affect my relationship?

How does it work? I am often asked how I work with my clients in online counseling. So

Online counseling – is that effective?

Why do you need fair fighting rules for couples?Communication in a relationship is often not easy. Because you

11 Fair fighting rules for couples

Dankbarkeit als Superpower in deiner Beziehung nutzen Dankbarkeit ist eines der Trends aus der positiven Psychologie, die ich

How gratitude strengthens your relationship

In this blog article I explain why it is important that you identify your feelings and needs, where

Identify feelings and needs

What influences my work as a relationship counselorAre you curious to take a look behind the scenes and

11 Insights from my work as a relationship counselor

Get to know and understand your triggers in relationshipsIn this blog post, you'll learn what triggers are, how

Understand and handle triggers in relationships

In this blog post, you'll learn why it's important to think of love as a choice. I'll also

Love as a decision and the five stages of a relationship

How to recognize if your relationship is worth the effort or not In my counseling sessions, my clients

Should I stay or should I go? Is the investment in the relationship worth it?

Sehr viele Menschen leben in Beziehungen. Dennoch gibt es häufig doch falsche Beziehungsmythen, was Konflikte oder Phasen der

10 Relationship myths that can impact your relationship happiness

Problems in couple communication are often a sign of less satisfied couples. So to help identify difficulties in

Four common problems in couple communication and solutions to them

What are currently the most common dating problems of singles? What do they find difficult, what frustrates them?

7 common dating problems and how to solve them

Definition of self-esteemTo what extent is your self-esteem related to your relationship? To explore this question, I did

Connection between Self-Esteem and Relationships

In this blogpost I share with you a short summary and my impressions and highlights of the book

Five love languages book review

Honest relationship communication as the key to success for happy couples There is hardly any form of relationship

Improving relationship communication

There are some components that contribute to a long-lasting and healthy relationship. As a psychologist, I'm happy to

14 tips for a healthy relationship

Learn your partner's love language and make him/her happy! In this blog post, you'll learn how to surprise

Recognize the five love languages and make your partner happy for Valentine’s Day

Today I want to write about setting healthy boundaries in relationships. Because being able to set healthy boundaries

Setting boundaries in relationships

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